电子竞技竞彩平台 is an institution of higher education dedicated to student success. 距离芝加哥市中心14英里, the school offers outstanding educational value in a student-centered setting rich in academic and cultural resources, 职业导向的学习机会, 参与社会活动.

Triton迷人的110英亩校园拥有最先进的设施, 蓬勃发展的艺术和体育项目和舒适, 友好的气氛. 我们多元文化的学生群体, 教职员工合作促进诚信, 打开对话框, 团队合作和相互尊重, 同时在我们所做的一切中追求卓越.

我们以改变生活的方式赋予成功力量. Our degree and 证书 programs feature practical courses and flexible scheduling options. Triton transfer students are readily accepted into colleges and universities nationwide. Career program students learn skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive job market that will allow them to make significant contributions to business and industry. 继续教育 students participate in courses geared toward recreation, 个人浓缩, 劳动力发展和终身学习.

10个以上,每年有1000名学生在Triton注册, 然而,每个学生都得到了充分的个人关注, 访问类. Our highly qualified faculty combines distinguished academic credentials with valuable real-world experience. Tuition is extremely affordable and financial assistance and scholarships are available.



想了解更多关于海卫一的独特之处,请阅读 Triton的区别.



成立于1964年, 电子竞技竞彩平台, 综合性的公立社区学院, is located in western Cook County and serves the near western suburbs of Chicago. 特里顿学院是伊利诺斯州48所社区学院之一. 它在伊利诺伊州社区大学委员会的指导下运作, 并获得高等教育委员会的认可.

At its founding, Triton served three townships, Proviso, Leyden and Elmwood Park. 最初是利用西莱顿和普罗维索西高中的设施, Triton celebrated its first permanent structure in 1967 with a groundbreaking ceremony for its Technology Building. 到1969年夏天, all Triton classes were being held on the current 110-acre main campus located in River Grove, IL. 橡树公园-河流森林, Riverside-Brookfield and Ridgewood school districts voted to join the Leyden, 1972年的Proviso和Elmwood Park学区, 创建伊利诺伊州第504社区学院区.

今天,该地区的面积约为63平方英里, 该学院约有343名学生,000人居住在 25个人口和文化多样化的城镇和村庄. The main campus is comprised of 16 individual buildings which house the 电子竞技竞彩平台 图书馆, 美术画廊, 运动及康乐设施, 教育技术资源中心, the 电子竞技竞彩平台 表演艺术 Center and the 塞尔南地球 and 航天中心.

Triton's affordable tuition and open admission policy have greatly expanded the accessibility of post-secondary education to residents of the district. Currently, 电子竞技竞彩平台 offers more than 150 combined associate degree and 证书 programs. New educational programs and services are constantly being developed in order to meet the needs of district residents and employers. Triton课程在River Grove的主校区提供, 整个地区有几个扩建点, 和网上一样.

来源: Report of the Institutional Self-Study for Reaffirmation of 认证 submitted to the Higher Learning Commission, 第十天报告和特里顿学院目录.



西班牙裔服务机构(HSI)是经过认证的, 分校, not for profit institutions of higher education with a full-time undergraduate student enrollment that is at least 25% Latinx. Eligibility designation as an HSI is provided under Title V of the Higher Education Act. In 2017, 13.8%的专上院校被指定为hsi. 

In 2011, 电子竞技竞彩平台 was designated as a 西班牙裔服务机构 (HSI) by the U.S. 教育部. 今天,Triton为42%的西班牙裔学生提供服务. 欲了解更多信息,请阅读Triton 's 事实的书.  



电子竞技竞彩平台 is committed to empowering your success in life-changing ways. Our positive learning environment prepares students to effectively compete in our global economy, 实现他们的职业抱负, 实现个人成长.



Triton学院的特点是小班教学和广泛的质量, real-world focused programs that provide a pathway to completing your degree at a four-year university, 获得一份高薪工作, 或者在事业上取得进步. 在学位方面的实践学习经验, 证书, 继续教育, 成人教育项目促进成就.


Our faculty brings many years of professional and teaching experience to their classrooms. 优先培养学生的实践知识, 教师使用经过验证的教学方法将内容带入生活. They also participate in ongoing professional development to share successful teaching approaches and best practices that will help students meet and complete course requirements.


Most four-year institutions around the country accept Triton's college credit courses as transfer credit. You can stay close to home while meeting your general education requirements at Triton, 然后把这些学分转到另一所大学完成你的学位.


Triton is a vibrant and diverse community that promotes learning and achievement. 最先进的设施, 支持服务, and flexible class scheduling options provide students of all ages with opportunities and resources to excel and gain important skills for succeeding in life. 课外学生社团, organizations and activities offer many ways to get involved with our unique community on- and off-campus.


当你完成在Triton的学业, you can be confident that you will receive a positive return on your investment. 电子竞技竞彩平台 is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, an important distinction that employers look for when hiring prospective employees. Triton's affordable tuition offers significant annual savings compared to other colleges and universities, 并且可以获得经济援助.

With all that 电子竞技竞彩平台 has to offer, why spend more to attend college elsewhere? 你所寻找的所有优势都在这里!



The general education learning outcomes are achieved as a result of successful completion of the general education requirements for any degree program. 结果表明,在完成学位课程后, 学生应该能够有效地:

   探索问题, 的想法, 工件, 在接受或形成一种观点或结论之前.






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